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Episode 59 - Marching French Horns

Episode 59 - Marching F French Horns - week of September 21, 2008

Foregoing catalog descriptions, there are technically Bb and F Marching French Horns.  This is about F Marching French Horns.

  • F Marching French Horns have a French Horn mouthpiece and receiver.
  • The instrument does have its roots in Drum Corps.
  • The instrument is basically either a bellfront Descant horn, or a Mellophone with a French Horn receiver and mouthpiece with a slightly different taper off the leadpipe.  It has a Mellophone-sized bell.
  • Kanstul still makes these.  Blessing made them, too.
  • These are good alternatives for French Horn players.
  • There's really no reason why one can't march with a French Horn mouthpiece.
  • Sound-wise, they don't cut as much as a Mellophone, but the tone is decent with good intonation.  Chris says it has a "naked" French Horn quality.
  • Possibly the reason they are not popular as it's more difficult for Trumpet players to move to them.  John likes the idea of new players using the horn mouthpiece as it will be easier to convert them.
  • Chris feels it's the "perfect" instrument for marching.  The Bb Marching Horn tends to crack more.
  • Listening Assignment:  "The Piper o' Dundee" by Kenneth Downie, performed by the Yorkshire Building Society Brass Band.
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